Web Hosting With asp.net


Active Server Pages.NET which is also known as ASP.NET is a web development which is used for dynamic web pages. It is a server side web application framework. Asp.net was created by Microsoft in order to enable web developers to build dynamic websites. A dynamic website is one that is controlled by multiple programs whose parameters are assembled during running of the s] website. For example the multiple programs could include HTML, javascript and other languages. Asp.net is the successor of Web hosting asp.net allows web developers to create web application using compiled languages like visual basic and C#.

It also supports Microsoft SQL server. MSQL is one of the most widely used DBMS around the world. This is clearly shows that Asp.net hosting is the best for performance based web applications. Asp.net also has directive, this dictates how special instructions should be processed on the web pages.

The Benefits of Hosting With Asp.net


Using asp.net has its advantages. Asp.net is compatible with all browsers, even mobile devices are able to access website. Asp.net will reduce the amount of code that will be needed to make a large web application. Asp.net is compatible with all Microsoft applications. Many companies nowadays gave employees that use a wide range of Microsoft programs. Asp.net will make work much easier because employees are already using Microsoft based programs.

Asp.net provides a better performance because it compiles the various programming scripts used and executes them quickly. This will make the web application to be very fast. Asp.net enables flexibility in web application in that the source is also executed on the server, which provides the web application with greater power. It also enables the server to strictly scrutinize the websites. If it notices any illegal or suspicious activities, it will immediately stop the action and restart.

Asp.net has an inbuilt configuration and authentication. This makes the applications to highly secure and cannot be hacked easily. Web hosting asp.net makes the use of applications very easy because it has a user friendly interface. Common tasks like submission of information, and authentication of specific clients is very easy.

Asp.net is a language independent type of hosting, it will allow you to choose a script language that best suits the application that you want to put on the website. Generally asp.net is quite impressive.

Cons of Asp.net

The major disadvantage of using Asp.net for web hosting is that it can only be executed on a Windows platform. If you want to host on a linux based platform, it will be impossible to use it because they are incompatible. The stability and security of the server largely depend on how the Asp.net was set up. If the set-up is poorly done, then this will bring about problems when running the hosting services.

It also means that it can be expensive because of the initial cost that the buyer will incur. Another disadvantage is that the code is inbuilt with the server hence it limits the control. This makes asp.net become rigid.

Should I Use Free Hosting

Free web hosting service is whereby you are allowed to host your website on their servers and not charged a single dime. Due to the stiff competition and the large number of web hosting companies, some have been forced to provide their services for free. According to me, free web hosting has a lot of cons than pros. Most of web hosting companies will use free web hosting as a way to attract customers who get to use their services, then once they realize that it is a good web hosting company, a deal is drawn up and you start paying for their services but at a cheaper level.

The Truth about Free Web Hosting

Let me start with the pros, free web hosting is good for the newbies who are trying to or want to become web site developers. It gives them the opportunity to create a website then share it with the rest of the world by hosting it for free. The individual will be able to learn what goes around the making and hosting of a website.

Hosting for free is also important for people who do not have enough money to pay for web hosting. This is a good way for small businesses, companies and home users to be able to store their websites. Free hosting is also a way for individuals to test out the features of their websites and the web hosting companies.

The cons are a handful. Free web hosting has its fair share of disadvantages. Web hosting for free has limited space. You can get as low as 5 Megabytes. This is a very small amount of space and hence will not be able to make much out of a website. Web hosting for free is usually done on shared hosting servers. This will affect the uptime speed because of the many users involved. All users share the same hardware and software resources of the server.

The bandwidth is also limited. They will affect the speed for accessing your website. Most often it will be slow and people visiting your website will be angered by the slow speeds and would not want to visit the same page again. Another disadvantage of using free web hosting is that the hosting company might put advertisements on your website. This makes your website look like a mess. The disorganization of your website will reflect poorly in the market. Also, you will not be paid by the hosting company for using your website to advertise.

The technical support team will not be too eager to assist you, simply because of the fact that you do not pay them anything. Another problem is that free web hosting comes with a lot of restrictions. Certain types of files may not be to be put on the website. There is always a huge time difference between when you contact them and when they respond to your problem.

Should I use free web hosting, definitely a no, it will only bring your frustrations. If you can little money and pay for ASP web hosting services that would be a much wiser decision.


Should I Trust Fat Cow Web Hosting

Fat cow web hosting company was started in the late 90’s. To be specific it was started in 1998. It has been providing reliable hosting services for companies and individuals all through the years. The fatcow company boasts of using wind power to provide electricity to their data centers. This shows that they have the ecofriendly kind of environment. All their systems are 100% powered by wind energy. Fatcow provides shared web hosting services only. Shared web hosting is particularly cheap. This enables students, home users and small business organizations use cow web hosting as the company of their choice.

Benefits of Hosting with FatCow

While hosting with Fatcow, there are a few pros and cons which make it a good web hosting company. Fatcow will help you customize your e-mail address. This will improve your professional profile, where your domain and e-mail are connected together, allowing you to respond immediately to your website queries.


Fatcow also has a friendly support team. The professional support team is available to you around the clock. They can be contacted via the phone and will assist you immediately. The price plan for fatcow is also fair. It costs around 4 dollars every month. Fatcow also has coupons which you can use and this will make it even cheaper. They have a full refund policy for you to use their hosting services for the first 30 days following signup. Fatcow is highly recommended for a cheap and affordable hosting. Fatcow has one size fits all kind of web hosting plan.

Fatcow also offers marketing, advertising credits and search engines. This will enable you to reach out to new customers, hence enabling you to expand your business. Fatcow has recently added a new service together with their webhosting. They introduced cloud storage. Cloud storage will enable you to store large volumes of data. A website will get 1 gigabyte of cloud storage for all of the music, videos, photos and documents on your computer. This is a plus for fatcow because you will be able to access your information or data from anywhere, 24/7 and fro any device.

Because of the shared hosting, the uptime of the server is low and the bandwidth is also low. This makes it very slow and has a lot of downtimes.

On the downside, cow web hosting does not have dedicated server hosting. This is a big disadvantage because if an individual or company wants dedicated server hosting services, he or she will have to change to another company. This is a tiresome experience because you will have to move all your files, documents and data to another location. It will interrupt the continuous visiting that you have got on your page.

All in all fatcow is a good web hosting company for small businesses and home users. For bigger companies and people with websites with a lot of traffic I would recommend that you look somewhere else for web hosting services. Newbies to the world of hosting are better suited to using fatcow services.

Pakistan: Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting business has been on the rise for the last 20 years. It has become a very lucrative business as more people that is individuals and business entities now use the website to communicate to the rest of the world about what they do and where they can be found. Such information a few years back was very hard to come by. There are very many web hosting companies around the world, including others in Asia. To be specific which part of the world, I am referring to is south Asia and the country is Pakistan. Many people are not aware that Pakistan has very good Pakistan web hosting service providers.

Companies Offering Web Hosting


Nexus was established in 1999. It has been in the business of webhosting for over 2 decades. Nexus has particularly hosted for very many small businesses. Nexus has an uptime of 99.5%. It also has 24 hours support team on standby.

Creative On


Creative On can easily be ranked as number one best hosting company in Pakistan. They have both windows and linux dedicated servers. It is mostly used by newbies in the hosting business. Creative On also has reseller hosting services.


Micronet specializes in home user packages. Micronet is based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Micronet provides backup services and hosts in both windows and linux. This makes micronet a bit expensive than other hosting companies.


HosterPK has been in the hosting business since 2009. It is based in Rawalpindi. HosterPK offers hosting services with the latest technologies and features. It also provides hosting in both their linux and windows server. HosterPK has an incredibly fast and reliable support team.


Inspedium is reputed to be one of the best hosting companies in Pakistan. It offers reseller hosting services. Their support team has experts that will help you around the clock. Inspedium was established in 1998 this means it has over 20 years of experience in the hosting industry. Inspedium offers personalized services. It also has cloud hosting services. This gives the user a large cyber space to use.


Comsats is a very reliable web hosting provider. It could easily be the most expensive service provider in Pakistan. Although they are very expensive, you can say that you got your monies worth by hosting with comsats. They offer Linux hosting which supports both php 4 and php 5 hosting. Comsats also supports various scripts like asp, Mysql and MS SQL.


Unique-links were established in the year 2003. They have dedicated servers which enable each user to efficiently use user their websites. It provides web hosting at low cost even allowing students to use their services. They use technology, which involves asp.net, Linux and.net.


Host domain has a wide range of packages. A home user or a business user can be easily accommodated by Hostndomain. It offers Linux web hosting for users. Space of up to 1 gigabyte is available. It has an experienced technical support team that ensures good customer service.


Best Deals 2014: Hostgator Coupon Code

Hostgator was created in the year 2002. It has been on the leading side of the web hosting business ever since. Hostgator offers a wide range of web hosting services from shared hosting, to reseller hosting, to VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Hostgator also offers various discounts if you want to host with them. This discount is in the form of coupons which can be used to get a certain percentage off. Once you register with hostgator for a hosting plan, you will get a coupon. Hostgator coupon code is important because it is the one that you will use to validate your discount when redeeming it.

Getting the Coupon Code

You can get your hostgator coupon code by following three easy steps. First, you have to choose the type of package you want for your web hosting. Your package might be for 6 months, 12 months or even 36 months. Then you fill out the necessary information for example, your domain name and the like. Then you fill the coupon you want. The highest coupon is 50% off while the lowest is 25% off. Then you will have to pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Various Coupon Codes


I am going to highlight to you about 3 hostgator coupon codes. The first one is the 30% coupon code. This will cut 30% off from the total amount you order. This Hostgator coupon code is particularly useful for the 6 month plan of hosting your website. It will help you reduce the cost.

The second one is the 25% coupon code. It will cut off 25% of the total order. The characteristics are more or less the same with the 35% coupon code. This can be used in plans for 6 months or less.

Last but not least is the 1 cent coupon code. This will enable you to buy a plan which will last a month for just 1 penny. This hosting coupon code will offer you 9.94 dollars discount. I highly recommend that you use this hostgator coupon code 2014 if you are hosting your website for the very first time with Hostgator.

The most unique coupon code is the 50% coupon. This is normally offered to individuals or companies that purchase long period plans like for 36 months. At the same time they will have to pay for most of the services up front. The more they pay, then it is most likely will get 50% of the total cost

When purchasing a plan. The more money you pay on the spot, the larger the discount. This will enable you to save more money by paying more money. You can redeem your coupon code by visiting the Hostgator website and pick your web hosting plan. A wizard page will open. You will find an hostgator coupon code 2014 code. The next step is to paste the coupon code in the code field. Below it is a validation button which you will click in order to validate your coupon. Then you will see the order amount updated.